Find the company data you need across African growth markets

Lead Generation
  • Find suppliers, clients, competitors and partners
  • Examine key personnel, capacity and commercial track record
  • Compare players across sectors, countries and regions
Due Diligence
  • Analyse an extensive selection of key performance indicators
  • Identify executive management, directors and shareholders
  • Verify regulatory compliance
Research & Analysis
  • Stay up-to-date on corporate developments
  • Monitor third party news coverage
  • Access sector briefs on key trends

Company Profiles

Asoko’s company profiles provide insight in key corporate data ranging from incorporation and management details to capacity and financial indicators.

Our data is sourced from companies themselves and is vetted and updated by in-house personnel on a quarterly basis.

At present, our company database coverage spans Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya while work on additional countries is ongoing.

Extended Company Profiles

Want more than a standard profile? Asoko provides on-demand premium data on the companies of your choosing. See below for typical add-ons to our standard profiles:

  • Incorporation documents
  • Corporate Family Tree
  • Top clients by annual turnover
  • Tender/contracts pipeline
  • Membership to professional trade organisations
  • Membership to domestic/foreign financial assistance programs
  • Third party news monitoring and analysis
  • Planned capital raises
  • Financial statements & key ratios
  • Investments
  • Executive compensation history
  • Employment history of key executives & board members
  • Division between male and female workers
  • Energy efficiency indicators
  • Quality, health & safety certification
  • Compliance with anti-corruption/bribery regulations
  • Political, cultural, and ethnic affinities

Custom Data Products

Custom projects are available to clients seeking in-depth information on economic sectors or companies that extends beyond the scope of our standard database. Projects are conducted through our in-country teams and overseen by our Head of Operations. Particular services we offer include:

Sector scoping

We anatomise any sector, identifying key players at the commercial and regulatory level as well as their individual profiles and inter-linkages. We monitor high-level sector trends and analyse key risks and opportunities for new entrants and incumbent stakeholders.

Supply chain mapping

We provide detailed analysis of key linkages in local supply chains and its individual members. This helps incoming corporations guide their entry strategy, while incumbents can track KPIs and secure compliance with local content regulations.

Financial due diligence

We identify interesting companies and sit down with their executives to gain insight into operational and financial performance. We also review the applicable regulatory and political climate to flag any possible impact on the investment opportunity.


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Logo of African Capital Investments

“Over the past two years, Africa Capital Investments have dedicated resources to improving our market knowledge and local network in Ethiopia. Asoko Insight helped us accelerate that process. They provided us with invaluable content on private companies, made introductions and supported our relation- ship building activities. We are now better placed in Ethiopia thanks to Asoko.”

—Charlie Daniel, Senior Associate

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“Asoko was successful in delivering relevant information and useful market insights, within a short time frame and an appropriate budget, covering a sector where market data is neither abundant nor easy to come by. The results of their work were very informative and significantly improved Vital’s ability to make substantiated investment decisions with regard to the target sector.”

—Dan Schonfeld, Head of Finance

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